Here there be Dragon Cookies!

Instructor: Kimberly Chapman
Location: Round Rock Sports Center
Date: 4PM - 6PM Sat., Feb. 25th, 2017

This course is for kids who are very familiar with fondant sculpting but want to challenge themselves and push beyond the standard "kid stuff". It is structured with optional elements so kids can pick and choose whether they want their dragon to be sitting up or lying down, to have eyelids or not, and other choices that empower them to make a dragon at their own pace. Each student will leave with a full handout describing all of the elements so they can continue to practice at home. This course will be using gumpaste instead of fondant and discuss the differences between them, including showing them how to push gumpaste out on a foam board to create super-thin elements - a skill they'll need if they ever choose to learn flower making later on. Although the dragon can be made as a cupcake topper, we'll work on a sugar cookie for stability. All supplies included to make ONE dragon (variety is shown in the photo as example only) on a sugar cookie. Note that colours may vary from the photo shown.

Adults also allowed, keeping in mind the class is geared towards kids.

Gumpaste Dragon Cookies -Intermediate to Advanced Level (best suited for 8-12 year olds)

Supply List: All Included

$35.00 CLOSED

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