Working with Flexique

Instructor: Marilyn Bawol
Location: Round Rock Sports Center
Date: 4:30PM - 5:15PM Sat., Feb. 25. 2017

In this hands-on micro-class you will learn how to use Flexique® Modeling Chocolate, to quickly create edible, realistic looking roses using an unusual but everyday object for the rose stem. You will create several petals and assemble a rose of your own. You'll also see how you can use cutters, leaf molds and veiners to add more realism to your creations. As a registered attendee you will also receive two bonuses. Mark Degroseilliers will make a guest appearance to show you his technique of creating flower petals and you will leave with a small sample container of the new Flexique® modeling chocolate. Reserve your slot today.

Supply List: All Included

$15.00 CLOSED

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