Jacqui Kelly

jacqui-kelly-2014-head-shotWith her bubbly personality and delightful Scottish accent Jacqui Kelly is a pastry chef , cake decorator, multi-gold medal winning sugar artist and Best in Show at Cake International 2014 London.

Owner and director of Totally Sugar Jacqui Kelly has an impressive client list, from Harrods to HRH Queen Elizabeth II, from large corporations to the couple next door she delivered sugar creations to them all. She was also proud to be the team leader for the current holders of the Guinness Book of World Records – world’s largest cake a whopping 10m x12m

During her career Jacqui has rubbed shoulders and worked alongside celebrities stretching from the show business world to TV chefs and personalities, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Eric Lanlard, George Michael and many many more. If you ever have a chance ask Jacqui about her adventures she has a million funny stories.

Although Jacqui does commissions for clients her other love is in teaching and demonstrating the skills of cake decoration and sugarcraft, something that is seeing Jacqui travel further and further afield.

Jacqui’s business, Totally Sugar, is as diverse as her client list so she's a lady to watch out for because you never know when Jacqui will appear with a new and exciting project that floods the cake decorating world with chatter.

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