Mike McCarey

mikemccareyMike McCarey’s career started right out of High School with a two-year term at a cooking school in Denver, Colorado. From there he worked as a pastry chef at various hotels, caterers and bakeries in Colorado and New York. It was in Washington State where Mike decided to release his inner sculptor and focus on cake exclusively. He started his company ‘Mike’s Amazing Cakes’ and has been shaping and smoothing butter, batter and chocolate ever since.

His cake art is guided by two principles: the concept being presented should be as accurate and true to life or as animated as possible and should have as unique a perspective as can be conjured up. The structural principles of architecture constantly influence Mike’s work and he draws great inspiration from a wide range of illustrators such as Alphonse Mucha, Norman Rockwell and James Christensen.

Mike’s focus on unusual or cutting edge design, accurate to scale replication and ability to ship across the country has earned him a diverse clientele including Dustin Hoffman, Arnold Palmer, Rodney Dangerfield and Julia Child. The same diversity extends to the corporate world from Disney and Microsoft to Starbucks and The Smithsonian.

Mike is recognized within the industry as a leader at his craft, developing new and creative techniques in the world of cake sculpture, winning many awards.


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