Sachiko Windbiel

sachikoI grew up in Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture which is very bucolic region located on the West Coast of the Japan. As a child, my parents provided me with a lot of exposure to great illustrators like Osamu Tezuka (Cartoonist, Animator) as well as the Peter Rabbit stories of Beatrix Potter – especially “The Tale of Ginger and Pickles” from the Brambly Hedge Series… the seeds of my tiny inspirations all come from these books. My parents were also always encouraging to do my own drawings. I was also very, very, very interested in “Anime” too – the animation industry of Japan.

When I was in college, I was interested in studying to become a copywriter or a magazine designer but somehow after college, I don’t know how, I found myself in the food industry. At that time, I was interested in becoming a chef or a pastry chef but a supervisor pegged me for customer service and the hospitality end of the business, and so, I dedicated myself to the “front of the house”

After many years of working in restaurant service without cooking exposure, I decided it was a time for a change and in 2008, I relocated to New York City to attend a culinary school that specialized in a vegetarian and healthful food preparation techniques. After graduating, thanks to the help of one of my instructors, I was able to land an internship, and eventually, a position at a custom made cake shop. The work there was very inspiring to me, and I felt that pastry work was a destiny calling. Obviously, the pasty industry uses a lot of Sugar, Butter, Oil, etc.; ingredients that are quite opposed to those espoused by my teachers at my uber-health conscious cooking school. I was torn as to what I should do….But alas, the charm and artistry of the pastry world won me over. And besides, I believed that pastry was a great way to make people smile and have fun and that’s something that was – and is- very important to me.

After working at the pastry shop for a couple years, the next chapter of my journey made itself clear to me… to start a small business (something that I had always dreamed of). I was considering a cupcake busniness, but it seemed like everybody was already making cupcakes and cupcakes cafes seemed to be on every other corner. Then I had a fun idea; How about a Cupcake & Cake Topper business?– kind of like Cake Accessories… And thus, I began mimicafe Union, a source for all kinds of Fun Fondant Cupcake & Cake Toppers.

It’s great work; I really love making unique toppers for special events, toppers which customers often choose to save as sweet memory keepsakes of their special occasion. Actually this kind of fits into my philosophy of life; Live a Happy Life and Cherish your Sweet Memories, they’re always good to keep nearby. If I can help my customers with these happy moments and memories, I feel I have fulfilled my mission in life.

Oh…. you may be wondering why my company is named “mimicafe Union” . Please let me tell you. For the longest time, I dreamed of running of my own cafe, where people could meet and relax with a cup of tea and have some pastries or scones. But owning my own cafe was just not “in the cards” – plus, I now realize how difficult it is run a successful cafe!!!
And “Mimi” was the name of my beautiful cat; she was a long haired, white Chinchilla and she was very special to me. When she passed away, I wanted to honor our connection and her memory. So I decided on the name “mimicafe Union” – with Union representing the joining of my memories with my hopes and dreams. I also like to think that when I make a topper order or conduct a workshop, my clients and I have created a special bond or union. And now with my tutorials at my small studio, the atmosphere is kind of like a cafe; we enjoy some tea and some snacks and fun conversation while working on fondant skills together!!!

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