Bridal Flower Spray with Nicholas Lodge

by Nicholas Lodge


Bridal flowers and filler flowers are always in top demand, and this is the class cake decorators have been asking for!

During this exciting one-day class, students will learn how to create a variety of popular and exciting bridal flowers! Class will include the rose, rose bud, calla lily, hydrangea, baby’s breath, stephanotis, and ferns! During the class, students will have the bonus of learning how to use Air Drying Clay. This is a product that looks and works just like gumpaste. Air Drying Clay may be used on cakes and is very durable, it remains flexible and items created with the clay can be kept long-term as mementos and keepsakes. Best of all, Air Drying Clay is not affected by humidity! Air Drying Clay is used exactly in the same manner as gumpaste, but since this is just a one-day class, we will not have to wait for petals and leaves to fully dry. Students will depart class with a complete wired together bridal flower spray.

Everything needed to participate in the class will be provided for the student to use. Students do not need to bring any tools or equipment with them to class. The class also includes a detailed illustrated booklet of handouts and a class certificate. 

This fun and informative class will teach students new skills as well as working with and learning a new medium to create with.

Class Date

Monday – Feb 24th

Class Location

Holiday Inn

Class Materials Included


Extended Class Time

9AM – 6PM

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